Friday, 5 September 2014

TV that stands the test of time

We've been revisiting some old favourites to see if they're as good today as we remember them being. Some shows look terribly dated, and don't really bear watching again today (hello, painful second series of the original House Of Cards).  But if you're looking for a quality TV series, here are a few that still stand up very well today.  What else would you add to the list?

The West Wing 

It's all about the dense and witty dialog.  The pilot episode was first aired in 1999, but the only thing that dates it is the use of pagers - everything else about the show still works brilliantly today.



Skip the first five minutes of the first episode, which we can only think are the reason it didn't get the ratings necessary for a second series to be commissioned.  Watch the rest assidiously - it's well worth it.  (Surely someone, somewhere wants to pick this up and make a new series. Pretty please?)

Twin Peaks 

 Timelessly weird. Hard to believe this is already 24 years old!