Thursday, 17 July 2014

Beamly's OnDemand uses Tank Top TV APIs to replay Tweets on demand

Just a few weeks ago we released our developer APIs, and we're very happy to announce the first published project that's using them: the Beamly OnDemand extension for Chrome.

Go to iPlayer, 4oD or ITV Player, and Beamly OnDemand replays tweets along with the programme you're watching.  The extension itself was created by Guy Nesher & Dan Wong, who have been working closely with Anthony Rose from Beamly to productize an idea they originally developed at a hackathon - here's the full story.

As a result, Tank Top TV APIs now include Beamly IDs for catch-up TV.  That opens up all sorts of possibilities for products that use our APIs and Beamly's.

Social + on-demand + live = ?

PS. If you use the Chrome browser and you like Tank Top TV, we would love some more ratings and reviews for Tank Top TV as a Chrome web app!