Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The cheapest (legal!) way to watch Game Of Thrones

I have a confession: I have never watched Game Of Thrones.

But everyone says it's amazing, and the media frenzy around Season 4 got me wondering whether there's a reasonably-priced way to see what I've been missing.  And yes - you can watch as much as you like, from all four seasons of Game Of Thrones, totally legally, for just £4.99.

How? Get yourself a Now TV subscription.

There's a trial price of £4.99 / month (after which it reverts to £8.99 / month).  You can cancel any time.

(It may be best to get on this fast - we can't be sure whether it's accurate, but the Now TV site is showing all episodes of GoT available for just 23 days.)

Update: it's true - according to the Now TV blog you really do only have until May 8 to get as far as Episode 1 of Season 4. So get your skates on and BINGE!