Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Which Video On-Demand Service Is Best For You?

This graph displays how many movies of the 84 in my personal Tank Top Movies watchlist are available on each on-demand service right now.

I want to show you how being a regular user on Tank Top Movies can save you a heap of cash and a bunch of time. Just by actively using Tank Top Movies we can generate this personalised data for you too, so you can quickly see which service is best for you.

Whenever you're on the site it's quick and easy to add films to your watchlist while you're browsing. I currently have 84 for films I've added to my watchlist over the last couple of months. The watchlist lets me keep track of films I definitely want to check out but just didn't have the time to do so or couldn't for whatever reason at the time.

If you regularly use this feature it doesn't take long for Tank Top Movies to paint a picture of which service is best for you based on content you actually want to see.

By looking at my own personal data, we can see that Itunes has the highest amount of films on my watchlist in its catalogue of films. Great, Itunes is an application I already use daily for music, but now I can see it's the best on-demand pay-as-you-go service for me right now too. Let me stress though, as I tick off movies I watch and add more to my watchlist, which service is best for me will likely change. This data will keep up to date with your Tank Top Movie activity and is only ever a click away.

The graph can also help me determine which subscription service is best for me. Out of the four services that are covered: Lovefilm, NowTV, PictureBox and Wuaki Selection, we can see that Lovefilm has the most films on my watchlist in its listings. However, it only has about 27 of the films on my watchlist currently. Considering Lovefilm cost £5.99 a month, there's a decision to be made whether it's worth it. The price of rentals on the pay-as-you-go services range anywhere from bargain 99p flicks to the roughly just under £4 new releases. I think it's fair to say then, if I watch about three of the movies monthly on my watchlist on Lovefilm, then I'm probably making a saving by subscribing. It's a bit up to debate whether its financially worth it, but by using Tank Top Movies, you can make an informed decision based on your own personalised data. Full disclosure, I do subscribe to Lovefilm and I'm pretty happy with it, there's also the fairly decent TV show library they have to take into account.

With regards to whether Netflix is a decent option for you, Netflix still refuse to allow its listings to be shared publicly. However, we can help you determine whether you're getting value for money from the service, provided your Netflix account is connected to your Facebook.  Our tool ValueFlix analyses your viewing data and tells you how much it would have cost you on other services to watch what you did on Netflix. In all likelihood you are making a saving, further bewildering why Netflix is so reticent to share its data.

It's great to know which service has the library that matches your taste best, saving you plenty of time, not having to setup account with every service on the market. Knowing which service best suits you is useful information to have so you know where your first port of call is. When a movie you want to catch is on more than one of the services you use, that's also when Tank Top Movies is at it's best. The latest movie I added to my watchlist was The World's End.  Using the site I can quickly see the cheapest price for renting the film is £3.49. Itunes is one of the services that offer this lower price, so its service is coming out looking pretty good for my needs currently. (I would like my payment exclusively in one dollar bills please Timothy Cook, all $0 of it)

Tank Top Movies can also help you understand what kind of movies you like best. Here's a pie chart of all the films on my watchlist and the films I have watched since joining: A break down of 180 movies into genres. It's seems my favourite genre since joining the site is Drama- I'm surprised sci-fi and Fantasy isn't much higher to be honest. 

Honestly, do you like saving time? Do you like saving money? No? OK... fair enough... you big freak. For the rest of you out there, do yourself a favour and get using Tank Top Movies. You're going to save yourself a bunch of time and your wallet won't half thank ya.

By Matthew Taylor