Friday, 29 November 2013

Where To Watch IMDB's Top 10 Rated TV Series/Mini-Series

If you didn't know already, this week Tank Top launched a new TV section on the site. It's the same great discovery tool that helps you find the best movies and the best place to watch them, but now for all your favourite TV shows too. The site searches all the video on-demand service available in the UK so you don't have to. Discover new shows or old favourites and learn where you can watch them quickly, legally and at the best price for you.

To help you get started, we had a look at the current available options for watching IMDB's top 10 rated TV series/mini-series, as voted by their users. There is very little on this list I would argue with as these really are the best of the best- so let's get to it, just click on the name of the show to see the full viewing options.

1. Band of Brothers

This Steven Spielberg produced World War 2 mini-series has the honour of being the highest rated show on IMDB of all time. It's not hard to see why. It deals with a serious issues delicately, responsibly and most of all in a hugely entertaining and gripping way. It's very reminiscent of Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, so if you liked that film, this is one you should definitely check out.

If your looking to purchase the entire series, iTunes is your cheapest option: £14.99 for SD and £19.99 for HD quality. If you want to purchase a single episode at a time, the only other service besides iTunes that currently offers Band of Brothers is BlinkBox and its individual prices match iTunes.

2. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has caused quite the stir in 2013. It's probably the most talked about show this year, what with it's finale hitting just a couple of months back. Over the course of 5 seasons, Bryan Cranston did an excellent job of taking his character on a journey from sympathetic protagonist to can't-help-but-watch anti-hero.

You can catch Breaking Bad on four pay-as-you-go services currently: Wuaki TV, Google Play, Sony and BlinkBox. The pricing for individual episodes is the same across the board at £1.89 for SD and £2.49 for HD. If your looking to purchase entire seasons at once, BlinkBox is the service offering the cheapest price most consistently- but not for all 5 seasons. For the full viewing options follow this link.

3. Planet Earth

The first British produced show on the list, and of course it's a show that highlights the rest of the world. This BBC series of documentaries about our planet with the iconic voice of David Attenborough has been, quite suitably, a global hit.

There are a slew of options for catching Planet Earth. It's currently available on the subscription service LoveFilm for a start. For pay-as-you-go users out there, Google Play is your cheapest option for purchase of the entire season in both SD and HD. This is one I recommend watching in the highest quality you can - go for the HD options. For the full viewing options follow this link.

4. Game of Thrones

The adaptation of George R R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire book series has been a huge success. TV was a wise choice of medium over Film, giving the huge ensemble cast room to breathe and grow. With the 4th season approaching in early 2014, you've still got time to catch up, and trust me, you want to.

Surprisingly, BlinkBox is your only option currently in the UK with the price set at £17.98 for a season in SD and £23.99 for HD. Catching up on the whole series in SD would cost you over £50. It suggests to me they haven't hit a sweet spot and really compelling price just yet.

5. The Wire

This is one I've just got into myself. It is often critically claimed as the best TV show ever, for its uncompromising and gritty realism. I have to say it hasn't disappointed, and is an extremely engaging look at the drug war and politics of the city of Baltimore.

For pay-as-you-go services, Blinkbox and iTunes again are your options, with Blinkbox slightly cheaper when purchasing entire seasons. It is also available on Sky Anytime, but I hesitate to really recommend that. As far as I understand today is in fact the last day the 5 seasons are available, so you would have to get watching rather quickly!

6. Sherlock

The BBC have got themselves on the list again. This time with the king of all TV detectives/mystery solvers. Benedict Cumberbatch provides a fine performance as a young Sherlock Holmes re-imagined for the 21st century.

There are slew of viewing options for Sherlock. By individual episodes Google Play and Wuaki TV are best priced. Oddly enough on Blinkbox, its HD versions are cheaper than the SD currently, not sure whats going on there. For full season purchase however, iTunes is your go to for the best price. For full viewing options follow this link.

7. Cosmos

The Carl Sagan seminal documentary series about space, the solar system and universe is not available unfortunately on any UK VOD services.

If you are looking for a decent science series about all things space and solar, check out the works of Brain Cox. Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe are two excellent series that should fill any Carl Sagan Cosmos shaped gap in your TV viewing.

8. The Sopranos

The Sopranos was one of the first TV shows to take an in depth look and star an anti-hero. The late James Gandolfini portrayed gangster Tony Soprano - a horrible man - but made him compelling and someone you found yourself oddly rooting for.

Blinkbox and Itunes again are the only two services with The Sopranos at the moment. They have a complete parity of pricing.

9. Arrested Development

Arrested Development is one of the funniest shows in recent years but has somewhat slipped under the radar. Definitely check this one out if your a big comedy fan. The Bluth family is as strange, eccentric and funny as they come.

If you want to catch the hijinks in HD, Sony is your only option. For seasons 1-3 BlinkBox offers the best price. Season 4 was a Netflix exclusive, so if you subscribe be sure to check it out there.

10. Firefly

Joss Whendon's sci-fi western showed such promise in its short 13 episode run before cancellation. It has a rabid cult following online, and thankfully Serenity provided some solace to fans disappointed by the cancellation.

Firefly is currently only available to subscribers of LoveFilm. Shame there is only the 1 season to watch.

So there you have it, the best places to watch IMDB's top 10 shows for UK viewers. If you subscribe to Netflix make sure you check there before you shell out for a pay as you go service. Unfortunately Netflix's listings are not available publicly. An odd policy, because if they were, I'm sure I probably would be recommending them as the best option for at least a couple of these shows - definitely Arrested Development.

Check back for plenty more content from us and get yourself signed up to Tank Top TV if you haven't already. The discovery tool helps you save time and money. Lovely.

By Matthew Taylor