Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Where to watch IMDB’s top 10 rated movies

Today we are going to have a look at 10 of the best movies of all time. We'll show where and which service is best for you to catch these 10 all time greats, legally, quickly and at a competitive price. IMDB is a great site and tool for movie lovers out there. We are taking the top 10 user rated movies on the site to make up our list. Allow Tank Top Movies to get your online viewing sorted.


Sorry for breaking the first rule of Fight Club, but like all the films on this list, this David Fincher directed modern classic is a must see. Thankfully there are plenty of places to do so, both as a rental and purchase. BlinkBox, Sainsbury, and Google Play all offer the same price for rent at £2.49. Equally they all provide 30 days to active your rental. However for only an additional £1.50 you can gain permanent access to the film on Sainsbury VOD service, making that perhaps the best deal. If HD quality is a must for you though, Google Play or Xbox are the solution.


The Return of the King was the epic conclusion to Peter Jackson adaptation of Tolkien's seminal fantasy story. The last in the trilogy is best rated on IMDB, but the earlier entries in the series are not far behind. Here's a link to The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers if you want to know where you can catch them. As for Return of the king, there unfortunately is little choice. Itunes currently is the only service with the trilogy's conclusion in its library, but it does offer full rental or purchase options in both SD and HD quality.


Schindler's list is perhaps the most moving and culturally important film on this list. It deals with a serious issue and difficult and dark period of the world's history supremely well. Director Steven Spielberg refused to accept any salary for the film: For him it was not a commercial venture, but just a story that needed to be told. There are a fair amount of options available for renting and purchasing this classic, all with parity of pricing.


12 Angry Men is the oldest film on our list and for what it's worth, my favourite of the 10. The film takes place nearly exclusive in a jury room, and deals with 12 men's discourse over the innocence of a young man. This fantastically gripping film is not massively available on VOD services it seems however. This is a trend for older films, with the distribution being a lot more sporadic on on-demand sevices than modern releases. The only renting option for the film is with Sony, but if your looking to purchase, Itunes provides the cheapest option.


The Dark Knight transcended the super hero genre and was just an amazing modern crime thriller, albeit starring a man who likes to scare criminals dressed as bat. There are abundance of VOD options available for the Dark Knight. BlinkBox, Google Play and Itunes our your best choice for renting price wise. For purchase, BlinkBox offers the cheapest price at £6.99. Here's a link to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises if you want to catch the other two entries in Christopher Nolan's excellent Batman trilogy.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is a classic western, with an unbelievably classic sound track from Sergio Leone. Much like 12 Angry Men, the options for this classic are surprisingly limited. Only Itunes offers an option for renting and purchase, neither in HD quality. It's odd that more VOD services haven't managed to get this classic in their library, but I'm convinced it can't be for a lack of trying.


Quentin Tarantino's filmography is littered with fantastic films, but Pulp Fiction is still the unbeatable best of his directional work. It is such a masterfully crafted and entertaining piece of cinema. This is the first film in out list that has no options for renting oddly. For purchase, the best value for money deal is with Itunes. However if your looking for HD quality, Sony and Goggle Play both sell at the £9.99 price point.


Unlike the lord of the Rings trilogy, it is the first two parts of Francis Ford Coppol's epic crime story that are higher rated, at least by IMDB's users anyway. Most would agree though that part III, while excellent wasn't at the same extremely high standard of the first two. The options for watching all 3 films are pleasingly all exactly the same though. Sainsbury's by far and away is the best renting option- only £0.99. That means you could watch the whole trilogy for under £3.00. Talk about an offer you can't refuse. BlinkBox again offer the cheapest purchase price. For HD quality Google Play is your only option.


The same applies for the Godfather, as for part II. Here's a link to part III if you want the complete viewing options for the trilogy.


The Shawshank Redemeption often comes out on top of greatest movies of all time list and it's easy to see why. It's an excellent piece of film making, with a fantastic cast and heart warming message about never giving up hope. Here's hoping the options for renting this classic improve in the future, currently it's only available on Xbox's video service.  BlinkBox again provides the cheapest purchase option with Sony and Google Play being your go to for HD quality.

One would imagine that these being the highest rated films on IMDB, their availability would be more widespread and a priority for VOD services. The fact none of them are available on any of the subscription services such as LoveFilm, NowTv or Picture Box shows there is still a lot those services could do to make their libraries more compelling. Of course, there is the possibility some of these films are available on Netflix, but unfortunately Netflix are currently reticent to share their listings publicly. Don't forget to check on there if you do subscribe to Netflix, before expending on a different option.

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by Matthew Taylor