Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Is Netflix Worth It? - We've built a Netflix tool to help you find out

"Should I get Netflix?' or "Is Netflix worth it?" are questions that people ask a lot when they learn that Tank Top TV is all about on-demand discovery. The common wisdom (that I happen to agree with) is that Netflix is great value, with lots of great shows and a smattering of good films for £6p/m.

However, perhaps a more interesting question for those who already have a Netflix streaming account is "Do you actually know how much you watch?".  I would love a tool that showed me all of the Netflix shows that I've seen, all of the hours that I've spent watching Netflix online as well as the times that I haven't used Netflix and used Blinbox for iTunes instead.  What would be even cooler is to then compare Netflix to the likes of iTunes and Blinkbox to see the equivalent cost of shows that I've watched and therefore the value for money (or lack thereof) that Netflix provides.

So, we built a tool for this exact purpose! If you have your Netflix account connected to Facebook, we can show you a cool graph with all of your viewing history and the equivalent cost on a Pay-as-you-go streaming service.

I suspect that most people will find that Netflix is good value for money but may be surprised how much Netflix they actually watch!  Obviously Blinkbox is better in terms of catalogue, as is iTunes vs Netflix, but in terms of sheer quantity for £6p/m Netflix is decent value.

Do let us know your results. Perhaps tweet us a screenshot of your Netflix viewing graph or share it with us and your friends on Facebook to see how your viewing habits compare!