Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Is Game of Thrones on Lovefilm?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Game of Thrones is on Lovefilm at the moment.

However, there are still plenty of places to watch Game of Thrones online. Here we list all of the legal streaming services where you can watch Game of Thrones and how much it will cost.

In case you didn't know, Game of Thrones follows a host of noble families with competing claims to the Iron Throne, the seat of power that rules over the mythical realm of Westeros. Expect plenty of violence, treachery and blood as war looms and plots thicken.  Game of Thrones is from HBO and based on a Song of Fire and Ice, a series of novels by George RR Martin.

Watch the trailer for Game of Thrones:

Expertly acted, Game of Thrones really is an all-time great, sitting comfortably with the likes of The WireBreaking BadThe Shield and The Sopranos.