Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Can I stream The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead is one of the best TV series still running today but its episodes can often be tricky to find, much the same as it is hard to find a spot that is safe from zombies in the show!

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A brilliant show but not without its flaws, The Walking Dead tells the tale of a group of survivors trying to stay alive after a zombie outbreak. Living a life on the run is hard (as you expect!) with the constant zombie threat being consistently high.

While you may find yourself wanting to strangle Lorie, laugh at Carl and wonder as to the purpose of T-Dog, the show is well worth watching. Constant action, suspense and gruesomeness mean that this small screen zombie show is a hit!

The Walking Dead piloted in 2010 and has 4 seasons to date.

Watch The Walking Dead trailer:

While perhaps not in the upper echelon of great TV shows, it is still an excellent show.

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