Friday, 8 November 2013

Blogger Vs Blogger: The Marmite Wars

Movies can split people a bit like Marmite: For all the people who love and savour a certain movie, there will always be those who hate it and are left with that bitter taste in their mouth. Yuck! To be honest, that’s as far as the comparisons between Marmite and Movies goes, so let me stop there before I get lost in an unwieldy metaphor about movies on toast.

That’s the great thing about movies, there is no right answer, no definitive best film: It’s all subjective and it’s all just your own opinion. It makes for endless discussion and often passionate debate. Welcome back to Blogger vs Blogger.

This weeks opinion splitting film is Marvel’s The Avengers


Why Marvel’s The Avengers is awesome

Matthew Taylor: Blogger, Gamer, Hater of Marmite!

Odin’s beard! The Avengers can look after themselves, they don’t really need a puny human like me defending them, but nevertheless I have been called to assemble. Let me tell you why The Avengers assemble is frickin awesome, as if you didn’t already know…

The Avengers was the culmination of years of patience and careful planning by the now Disney owned Marvel studios. They created a whole interconnected Marvel movie universe, giving the major players in the Avengers team their own movies first, each with a hint and nod to the bigger picture. This built up huge anticipation and excitement for the prospect of the fanboy dream superhero mash up film. And they totally delivered.

They’re smart guys over there at Marvel. A movie with such a large ensemble cast of major players was always going to be a difficult challenge - how can you possibly introduce and let the audience get to know and grow to love so many characters, and tell a two hour summer blockbuster story full to the brim with action at the same time? (remember The league of extraordinary gentlemen anyone? Hopefully not). That was the genius of giving the major players their own films first- the audience already knew and were attached to the cast. The second genius stroke Marvel made was choosing the amazing Joss Whedon to direct. The fact the movie’s success alone will allow Whedon more opportunities to make awesome content, is reason enough to love The Avengers, even if you didn’t enjoy the film itself.

The film itself.. I’ve hardly mentioned it. It’s got great dialogue (cheers Whedon), fantastic special effects and just the right tone and attitude. Never does it take itself too seriously but you’re lying if you tell me Agent Coulson's fate didn’t upset you. The star-studded cast all deliver fantastically charming performances: everyone will have their favourites. I personally thought Mark Ruffalo, did a fantastic job taking over from Ed Norton( you might have made an error their Eddy buddy…), giving us the most likeable and entertaining screen Hulk yet. That’s just what this movie is, so damn entertaining. If there’s a movie out there that's as funny, engaging, exciting and as good fun as The Avengers is for its two hour running time, let me know - I need to see it.

If you haven’t seen The Avengers, check it out as soon as possible, and for the rest of ya, let’s go watch it for the 10th time.

Why Marvel’s The Avengers is overrated garbage

Ian Unsworth: Likes film, TV and sport. Hates writing descriptions about himself.

I might sound like a real stick in the mud here, but I really wasn’t that hot on The Avengers. Most of the films with the characters in by themselves I quite liked (really liked Captain America and Iron Man, liked the Iron Man sequels and thought Thor was ok), but this one I couldn't really get into at all. I’ve even tried it twice in case I was in the wrong mood for it or something when I first saw it.

My main complaints? It just felt like a lot of mindless fight scenes bolted together, interspersed with some pointless arguing from The Superheros. You could argue that this is standard fare for such superhero movies and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree. These traits are found to a greater or lesser extent in the other Marvel films I listed above, but it was just too much for me in The Avengers.  Despite this article’s bitchy tone, I hate people whinging, so why do they have to argue with each other all the time over absolutely nothing?  *Eyeroll*

Other things about the film just serve to wind me up even more. The best example: Why doesn’t Loki just kill Tony Stark instead of just having a nice chat in his apartment and then letting him get his Iron Man suit on? Grrrr…...

So where do you stand? Marvel’s The Avengers: Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? Got a movie you absolutely love, or one you completely despise? Let us know in the comments or if you're interested in contributing to the blog in a Marmite Wars edition, email us at or hit us up on Twitter!