Saturday, 12 October 2013

Who's the best Batman? Have your say!

All too unsurprisingly, the Warner Brothers announcement of Ben Affleck as the new batman sparked a twitter frenzy. Many fans were outraged, some disappointed and some simply bemused. Even more people, as is always the case on twitter, saw their chance to share their witty remarks about Affleck's casting. Many of which admittedly were worthy of a titter...
As is usually the case on twitter, by the end of the day, more people were discussing the supposed twitter outrage than people who had genuinely been involved. When push comes to shove, the rational people on twitter far outweigh the insane, and the consensus of, 'maybe we should wait and see', I think has thankfully prevailed.

If anything, the whole Ben Affleck fiasco got us discussing in the office who our favourite Batman is. What makes a good Batman?

Seven Actors have donned the Dark Knight's Cape:

Adam West
Lewis Wilson
Robert Lowery
Val Kilmer
George Clooney
Christian Bale
Michael Keaton

It's not hard to pick the top 3 Batmans (or is it Batmen?) out of the seven. Adam West, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale have all starred in at least one fantastic Batman movie. The less said about Val Kilmer's and George Clooney's outings the better. Regarding Lewis Wilson and Robert Lowery, as I child I did have their serials in a big VHS box. They weren't a favourite to say the least. Some things stand the test of time, some things don't. 

So it's time for a Batman showdown. The three finalist are Adam West, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale. We'll tell you everything we love about them and then you vote via Twitter and tell us who the winner is. The winner is the Batman with the most tweets!

Here is the promised overview and our opinion in case you aren't sure:


The Costume- I like West's batman costume because it's the most realistic, or at least the most attainable for cosplay purposes. That utility belt was packing a wide array of very specific gizmos and gadgets too.

The Voice- Adam West...had a very Was he...always out of...breath? Could he not...remember his lines? Who knows? We loved it whatever it was, and it had a cadence that fitted with the campy ridiculousness of the show.

The Theme- NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAN! Simple timeless classic!

The Batmobile-

Crime Fighting Potential- No other Batman's had a punch so powerful it was able to generate pop up word bubbles...

Most BatSh*t crazy moment- Fighting off a rubber shark with oceanic repellent bat sprays while hanging from a ladder from the Batcopter. 


Michael Keaton

The Costume- Tim Burton's Batman took the Dark Knight in a dark twisted direction. The Batsuit got darker too, but retained that cool hint of yellow. Not sure about the six pack armour but a slick moody look, that set the tone for the best Batsuits since.

Best Bat dialogue-  My favourite piece of Keaton Dialogue was actually not when he was in the Batsuit but when he kinda channeled his Beetlejuice persona as Bruce Wayne- 'C'mon- Let's get Nuts'

The Batmobile- 

The Bat Theme- maybe not as instantly recognisable as the 60's show, but Danny Elfman's brooding Batman score suited the new mysterious Dark Knight persona perfectly. 


Most BatSh*t Crazy moment- Batman in the Batwing shows a shocking lack of aim and then is miraculously bought down by one shot from the Joker's ridiculous hand cannon.


Christian Bale

The Costume- Bats' costume in Batman Begins was nothing special, but his new look form the Dark Knight onwards was fantastic. This was the first batman since Adam West who was able to actually rotate his head. The suit was the most fully realised and thought-out so far.

The Voice- Either you love it or hate it- and I love it. Christian Bale put the fear back into the hearts of criminals with his demonic growl. It makes sense to that Batman would use an alternative voice to help hide his identity. 

The Batmobile- He got his own Bat Tank basically!

Bat interrogation- 'Where were the other drugs going?', 'Where's Rachel?', 'Where are they?', Where's the trigger?'...  The Caped Crusader is just always on the look out. 

Most BatSh*t crazy moment- On the Batpod, the Dark Crusader slipped under the Joker's truck and then flipped the whole damn thing- nice!


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p.s How can we talk about best Batmans and not mention Kevin Conroy. This article was about those who have played live action versions, but Conroy has fantastically provided the voice for Batman in numerous animated versions and video games. Check out Batman: Mask of the Phantasm for a great example.

By Matthew Taylor