Friday, 4 October 2013

Tank Top Movies top 10 raunchy teen comedies

The To Do List hits cinemas in the UK today, and I'm cautiously optimistic. We're big fans of Aubry Plaza over here at Tank Top Movies, primarily for her brilliant character on the show Parks and Recreation so it's exciting to see her get her first lead role.  The To Do List looks to be a classic raunchy teen comedy, full of sex, alcohol and all kinds of mischief. What looks particularly interesting about this film, is we have often seen this genre, this story from the male perspective, but here we get the female side. There have been of course plenty of teen comedies, many great, from the female perspective (Mean Girls and Easy A spring to mind immediately), but none that seems to be quite so raunchy and out there as their male focused equivalents. The to Do List looks set to change that. In anticipation of the movie, we got thinking about our favourite raunchy teen comedies available on-demand. Let us know what would make your list.

10. The Girl Next Door
Every teenage boy has dreamed of the girl next door, but what happens when the girl next door is an ex porn star?  This is the question this 2004 comedy poses and answers. Emile Hirsch stars as straight A student Matthew Kidman opposite Elisha Cuthbert as Danielle. The premise explores all the awkward moments arising from having a porn star girlfriend, with plenty of crude humour and sex jokes. The film also explores the drama side to a decent level as well however, as the two leads' relationship helps them learn about themselves.

9. Road trip
What college experience is complete without one crazy road trip? Road Trip explores the old age teenage problem: long distance relationships when you and your high school girlfriend leave for different colleges. College student, Josh Parker, has the difficult situation exacerbated when he accidentally sends a sex tape of himself to his girlfriend. Quite the blunder good sir. Co-starring teen comedy legend Seann William Scott, Roadtrip sees 4 friends embark on an 1800 mile trip to save Josh's relationship. Expect plenty of hijinks and capers along the way.

I'm going to have to put the blame on Revenge of the Nerds for the stereotypical movie Nerd image. Lewis and Gilbert have got the glasses, the slicked-back hair, buttoned-up shirts and worst of all, the dreaded pocket protectors. When Lewis and Gilbert get kicked out of their new accommodation by the jocks on campus they have to start their own fraternity to get their revenge. 

7. Weird Science
This 1985 teen comedy is by far the weirdest film on our list. Gary and Wyatt are two nerdy best friends. They have no friends, girls don't like them, and they get perpetually bullied at school. Inspired by Frankenstein, they decide, if no real girls are into them, why not just create their own. Inexplicably on Gary's home computer they succeed and Lisa comes cascading into their lives. Things only get crazier from there, as Lisa takes the boys on a whirlwind adventure, introducing them to all the sex, drugs and rock and roll they could have dreamed of. Along the way, she might just teach the boys a couple of valuable life lessons too.

6. Superbad
Superbad was a massive 2007 hit and perhaps the definitive teen comedy of the noughties generation. Seth, Evan and Fogell (or should I say McLovin) are desperate to end their time at high school as the cool kids for once. Before Seth and Evan go off to college they are determined to have one last crazy night together. The film is full to the brim with the crude humour and quest for sex you would expect. The relationship between Seth and Evan has a lot of heart too, making this a film where you can really root for the two leads.

5. Risky Business
This is the movie that put Tom Cruise on the road to stardom, and still has one of his most famous cinematic moments, of course I am referring to his home alone underwear dancing antics. Admit it, we've all done it in one form or another, no? just me?... Regardless, Risky Business is an 80's classics. A slightly older version of Home Alone in a lot of ways. While Joel Gooden's parents are away he gets mixed up with hookers, parties, drugs, sex and plenty of rock 'n' roll.  

4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
As much a stoner film as a teen comedy, Fast Times at Ridgemont High painted the picture of an American High schools that has stuck. All the social clicks, the looks and the style are there. Starring a very young Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli, Fast times at Ridgemont high presents the paradigm of the perpetually stoned surfer dude. Hilarious throughout, Fast Times is a great early example of the teenage raunchy comedy genre.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You
By no means the raunchiest comedy on our list, others are far more gross out, but perhaps the most charming. 10 Things I hate About You tells the story of the Stratford sisters: Kat and Bianca. Single father Walter declares that Bianca can only start dating when her maverick older sister starts to as well. With a great supporting cast, and fantastic soundtrack, 10 Things is an extremely funny and absorbing teen comedy.

2. Animal House 
Perhaps the one that started it all. Animal House was released in 1978 and has since been copied/parodied hundreds of time since. It spawned a whole genre, marking out all the tropes and staples of teen comedies you would come to expect later on. John Belushi steals the show as the ultimate college party animal. Food fights, wild parties, road trips, and plenty of promiscuity, pranks and pratfalls: Animal House has the lot.

1. American Pie 
American Pie and at least some of its sequels are perhaps the definitive teen raunchy comedies. Filled with a wildly memorable slew of characters, lines and moments, American Pie gets it right. Everything you would expect and want from a teen raunchy comedy. The film launched a whole new era and plethora of teen comedies, but none ever came close to recapturing the dirty magic, apart from maybe the second outing of Stifler and the gang in American Pie 2.

By Matthew Taylor