Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tank Top Movies Top 10 Abodes

Ever watched a movie and been more distracted by the beautiful homes than the characters in the story. Well, Tank Top Movies certainly has. Here's a list of 10 of our favourite Movie homes. This is in no particular order, purely because of the quantity of amazing houses in countless films not mentioned here makes ranking them too difficult a task. These are our personal favourites, let us know some of yours. Also, let me give a shout out to the website, a great site to explore and learn more about amazing houses featured in movies. 

Bruce Wayne lives at the majestic Wayne Manor on the outskirts of Gotham. We've chosen the Nolan Universe Wayne Manor. While the other iterations have all had their merits, Nolan's Manor is the only one that comes with Michael Caine as Alfred the butler. Yes please.

Wayne Manor also comes with quite the nifty basement. The Batcave should fulfill all of your crime fighting needs adequately.

Furthermore, in the event of burning your mansion down at a birthday party that got way out of hand, you can always retreat to Wayne's swanky Gotham bachelor pad. Very Blue...

The Bueller house look like the perfect picturesque American home. White pillars and a big grand green driveway give the house a classic beautiful exterior.

Ughh, the 15 year old version of myself would kill for Ferris' room. What is it about the teenage mindset that is so attracted to the wall to wall covering with posters and clutter?

Sister Jeanie knows what it's about too. Clutter all the way

Perhaps even more memorable than Ferris B's house was his buddy Cameron's.

Sleek and modern looking even to today's eye. It kinda looks like it might be the world's most expensive tree house.

The first 20 minutes of Fellowship of the Ring paint middle-earth as a pretty down right lovely place to live. The shire is an unspoiled rural paradise. A monument to a simple, but happy life. Peace, tranquility, Beer, pipe weed and mountains and mountains of food. There is no better hole in the ground than Bilbo's Bag End.

Good well stocked kitchen like you would expect.

Tony Stark is perhaps the owner of the ultimate bachelor pad. His pad is as modern as they come with a built in artificial intelligence system and interface, called Jarvis. Just like Batman has Alfred, Iron Man has Jarvis: who comes with the voice of Paul Bettany.

Very spacious and with a not half bad view. Suppose that's what you get when you build a multi-million pound house on the bluff of a cliff.

Plenty of room for your plethora of sports cars too. oh yh... and to test your Iron Man suit.

5. Casper's Castle
Ok, so the house admittedly is well and truly haunted, but I promise you, Sketch, Stinky and Fatso are top notch guys once you get to know them.  Casper's a friendly little guy himself too. This house is pretty much a castle. Its a Gothic dream. Dracula and the like would fit right in. It's got awesome towers, turrets and plenty of colourful stained glass windows.  

Looks good both day and night.

A bit like Batman's Wayne Manor, Casper's castle comes with a secret laboratory basement as well: which includes a roller coaster-like ride access.

You would certainly be the hostess with the most-est. Halloween parties would be legendary.

6. Sound of Music
This is our first European house on the list. Apparently I want an American house and I didn't even know it. Anyway, the Von Trapp family house is as beautiful as the landscape that surrounds it. 

What house is complete without its own ballroom?

The patio and garden just happens to back onto a lake as well. Not too shabby.

In Something's Gotta Give, Diane Keaton finally tames the wild swinger Jack Nicholson. I'm not so sure it's her womanly charms so much as her awesome beach house however. This is a beautiful spacious and very comfortable looking home.

Diane Keaton has a massive office bedroom/office.

8. Sleepless in Seattle's houseboat
Perhaps the most unique house on our list. Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle lives on a floating home. His house is a boat. Now, I'm not sure he would get very fair trying to sail the thing, but damn is that cool. Don't like your neighbours? No problem, just drift away.

Alfred Hitchcock's north by Northwest has perhaps one of the coolest houses in movie history. The house is on its own is very swanky, modern and beautiful. What elevates it above the usual fair, is the location. This amazing pad is located atop of Mount Rushmore. Shame it's only a movie set. Man, real life sucks!

There are two pretty awesome houses in the 1998 remake of the parent trap. First of all, we have the lovely London house. Complete with a cute pipe smoking grandpa, butler and chauffeur.

The house that steal the show however is Dennis Quaid's vineyard. This is a beautiful secluded house out in Napa Valley.

The house comes with extensive grounds for all your horse riding needs too.

By Matthew Taylor