Tuesday, 29 October 2013

On-demand movies - a man’s world?

Facebook data reveals Netflix as UK’s most popular streaming service - but not with women.

Some research we did recently confirmed that Netflix is the most popular on-demand service in the UK, despite women’s preference for LoveFilm. The results also showed that the age group 35-44 are most interested in on-demand services. UK women express more interest in movies & film on Facebook than men.

We used Facebook’s ad creation tool to estimate the number of people in a segment that can be defined by gender, geography, age and interest, and analyse the relative popularity of some of the main on-demand services in the UK.

Tank Top TV compared interest in four of the main on-demand services in the UK. Netflix came out on top, with Now TV trailing LoveFilm and BlinkBox.

Notably, however, LoveFilm was substantially more popular among women, and the only service of the four to score more women than men in the Facebook target audience.

Interest in the broad ‘Movie / Film’ category declines with age. It’s not clear whether that reflects genuine reduction in interest, or simply less proclivity to share your movie viewing as you get older. Women expressed more interest in film than men across all age groups.

The proportion of users interested in any of the major on-demand services declines with age. However, if we limit to the users who also expressed a preference for movies & film (which helps to correct for users being less likely to share their actions and preferences as they get older), it’s clear that the 35-44 age group has the highest interest in on-demand services.