Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Find a great Halloween movie here!

Here you can see the best entries for Halloween lists from our competition. Vote for your favourite and help crown the people's champion!

Emily's top movie robots

Danger Will Robinson! Movie robots - can't beat them. Literally, they're made of metal; it's really hard to beat them.

Existential Nightmare

Movies that tap into that deepest of fears: losing your own sanity. Not your standard Halloween pick, watch with extreme caution, many of these films take a heavy toll on the soul.

Mart's horrible horror movie list

Mart's horrible horror movie list

Charlie's Halloween Viewing

My personal list of films to watch this Halloween, spreading from family-friendly to super scares.

Alternative Horror Movies

Not your typical horror movie list... It's not in any order, just my Top 10.

Halloween List

Geek who does less geek stuff now

The Terrible Halloween movie list

Do you enjoy terrible movies? Do you want to watch hilariously bad movies this halloween? Here's my top worst halloween movies for you to enjoy.

Ban Cheap Modern Jump Scares!

It's a horror list. Ish. Other titles for this halloween are Sapphire and Steel 2, The Host (Bong Joon-Ho), Bubba Ho Tep, The Stone Tape, The Signalman, Children of the Stones, Ghostwatch and Dr Who and the Horror of Fang Rock

Top 10 Halloween watch list

This is my top 10 Halloween watch list. Obviously it is my opinion but every movie on this list is either one I will happily watch again and again or just plain freaked me out at some point in my life. Basically the 2 main aims of a good horror movie!

Ed's Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone loves a good Zombie flick, but what better time to indulge than Halloween?

Kids halloween top 10

I have 2 girls aged 7 and 11 and last night I watched Monster House with them. It got me thinking about 'scary' movies for kids. While kids see a lot more in movies than I ever did as a kid you still can't really sit a 7 year old down in front of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So I got thinking and here are mine and my kids top 10 Halloween movies.

Stephen King Halloween Special

I thought I would talk about some of the best horror films you will see, by king of Horror, Stephen King. Far too many great films to list, but a few I should also mention are Cujo (rabid dog, runaway!) Christine (possessed car, scarier than you think!) Salams Lot (vampires!) And Misery (look for the legs Scene). I hope you enjoyed my list, and if you haven't watched them, you better get a move on!

Rebecca's "Bring a change of underwear" list

This is my Halloween list! Depending on your age, you may not have heard of some these. But believe me, all these films are edge of the seat stuff. Watch in a darkened room, alone if you dare....and tell me you slept well!