Friday, 6 September 2013

Feeling peckish? Here's our top ten movie food scenes.

There’s not much we love here at Tank Top Movies as much as films but food is a close second. Ummmmm seconds…  Good film and good food have always gone together, on the screen and off it. Whether you are at the cinema, getting treats from the lobby, or munching down on home made snacks, as long as its grossly unhealthy and not too loud to eat- food and film are soulmates, like chips and dip. On the big screen, food can notoriously be an editor's nightmare, but on numerous occasions have presented a culinary dream.

Today we are going to take a look at 10 of the best food-related scenes in movie history. With such a wide selection on the menu, our top 10 are one’s that in particular whet my appetite. All these films are available on Tank Top Movies right now. Order up!

10. Animal House- ‘Guess what I am now?’

John Belushi steals the show in this classic comedy. The forefather to American Pie, Van Wilder and the like: Animal house is the quintessential college antics movie.

What college movie would be complete without a scene in the canteen. Belushi’s appetite and tomfoolery really take the cake.

9. When Harry met Sally- ‘I’ll have what she’s having?’

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan star alongside each other in what has become one of the most treasured romantic comedies of all time.

No other scene perhaps had people talking as much as Billy and Megs’ Cafe meal. I like a good salad but this is ridiculous.

8. Willy Wonka- ‘the snozberries taste like snozberries’

The adaptation of Roald Dahl’s magical childrens book is a film that could have had any number of scenes in this list. No scene quite has me salivating as the idea of lickable wallpaper.

What’s more, I want to know what a snozberry taste likes too!

7. Annie Hall- ‘We should have got steaks’

The fantastic Annie Hall is one of Woody Allen’s best. The awkward yet charming and witty performance of Allen himself is there just like you would expect. This is no better demonstrated than Woody’s attempt to cook lobster.

6. Five Easy Pieces- ‘hold the chicken’

A young Jack Nicholson stars in this American drama film. This scene manages to get on to the list despite not including a single shot of sustenance or mastication. It is the conversation between Nicholson and the nightmare waitress we all have met at least once in our lives that makes this such a memorable scene.

5. Inglourious Basterds- ‘wait for the cream’’

Christoph Waltz is fantastically creepy in Tarantino's historical fairy tale. No more so in this extremely uncomfortable scene with Shoshanna.

Inglourious Basterds is a film I oddly quote quite a lot - which makes no sense - as it is often spoken in languages I don’t speak: French/German/Italian. I just bastardize the accent and say it in English: weird. Dessert time has never been the same since I saw this movie however, and I will always insist - ‘wait for the cream’.

4. Goodfellas- ‘don’t put too many onions in the sauce’

Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas is a top notch gangster movie, and top notch gangsters like top notch food - even when in prison!

They all have their part to play in their makeshift kitchen and damn, does the food they cook up look tasty!

3. The Breakfast Club- ‘What are we having?’

The Breakfast club is perhaps John Hughes most famous and successful film, and perfectly depicts the 80’s school stereotypes, right down to lunch time. I know which lunch looks most appetising to me: Emilio Estevez has just got so much to chow down on. nom nom nom.

2. Pulp Fiction- ‘That Hawaiian burger Joint?’

Tarantino is perhaps the foremost director for the inclusion of food in his films. The sheer quantity of scenes with food on the side outstrips any of his peers. Samuel Jackson’s sauntering steal of Brett’s Big Kahuna Burger has to be the chef’s special of all Tarantino's work. Big, greasy and with some Sprite to wash it down looks good to me.

1.Uncle Buck- ‘I hope you’re hungry’

No other movie scene has ever made me so jealous than Uncle Buck’s birthday breakfast. My childhood suddenly pales away in comparison. John Candy is the the perfect jolly uncle we all wish we had.

Next pancake day at my house is going to be EPIC!

By Matthew Taylor