Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Julia Roberts: The Actress with the mostest.

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the most prominent actor on UK on-demand services, our crazy boy, Nicolas Cage. Today is the turn of the ladies. Metaphorical drum roll please…

The actress with the most movies available on Tank Top Movies right now is Julia Roberts.

Congratulations to Julia! Undoubtedly the biggest honour in her illustrious career. Good ol’ Julia currently has over 30 films available on Tank Top Movies with as wide a selection as that big toothy grin of hers. With so much Roberts to consume let us give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. Let’s get your Roberts online viewing sorted.

No better place to start than Robert’s first big screen venture. Mystic Pizza (1988) was a fairly successful romantic comedy that introduced Julia to the world, in a genre she in which would later come to be Hollywood royalty. Mystic Pizza is a coming of age story about 3 girls working at a pizza parlour in Mystic, Connecticut. Pepperoni for me please!

Roberts has since gone on to star in a number of extremely successful Romantic comedies, the foremost being the 1990 sleeper hit, Pretty Woman. The film was a huge box office success and launched Julia to super stardom. Roberts plays a prostitute who gets hired for a week by wealthy businessman Richard Gere in this modern (Well, kinda modern) retelling of My Fair Lady.

Julia Roberts dabbled more than once after Pretty Woman in the romantic comedy genre. In The Runaway Bride she even teamed up with Richard Gere once again (Hadn't they already fallen in love?). Notting Hill would have to be a personal recommendation if you have your heart set on watching Julia find love. The British comedy’s supporting cast steal the show, - in particularly Rhys Ifans’ Welsh slob. Hugh Grant is at his charming British best too.

If you’re looking for a Julia film to watch with the kids - and I mean, who isn't? - there are plenty to choose from. Roberts has provided voice work for both Charlotte’s Web and Ant Bully. More recently she starred in the live action quirky version of Snow White, Mirror Mirror. Hook is where it’s at however, shockingly underrated in this writer’s view. Roberts stars as Tinkerbell in this Steven Spielberg twist on the Peter Pan tale. Bursting full of Hollywood magic, Hook is a wonderfully imaginative kid’s film.

Roberts of course is an Academy Award winning actress. Erin Brokovich garnered her wide praise and awards for her fantastic performance in this excellent drama. Michael Collins is an early example of Julia’s fine acting skills. Perhaps most entertaining of the more straight, serious roles Roberts has taken, is the political drama/comedy, Charlie Wilson’s War.  

Finally, Roberts has starred in her fair show of thrillers, such as the subtly named Conspiracy Theory, starring alongside Mel Gibson. The Pelican Brief saw her team up with Denzel Washington once again to investigate the Government - she’s quite suspicious this lass. Not that it necessarily constitutes as a thriller but Roberts is one star among many in the fantastically fun Ocean’s series. Ocean’s Eleven in particular is a film full of excitement and capers and the perfect way to end your Julia Roberts viewing.

So there you have it- the best of
Julia on Demand- quite ‘Rob’ust… oh the doors that way. Off I go.

Matthew Taylor