Friday, 9 August 2013

What happened to Netflix?

Everybody loves a film, but before Tank Top Movies was born we were fed up by the tedious amount of research we'd find ourselves doing, before we could spend a relaxing evening in front of a great movie. We dreamed of a place where we could see at a glance what's available, and easily choose something to watch.

Our goal was and still is to make it really easy to find great movies to watch, wherever you get them from (provided it's legal), and we're adding more services all the time - you might have noticed iTunes and KnowHow arriving in the last few days. We know that it's helpful to have all the services you use listed in one place.

We're working hard to forge good relationships with VOD providers, and in the USA Netflix works closely with services like ours to provide listings. However in the UK this is unfortunately not the case, and they have asked us to remove their listings from our site.

Removing Netflix is obviously a shame, and we're sorry that we're no longer able to show you everything you'd like to see if you're a Netflix subscriber. We hope that one day Netflix will reconsider - we'd love to have them as part of the Tank Top family, because we know that's the best outcome for viewers like you.

If you agree that Netflix users in the UK should be provided with the same treatment as users in the USA, why not take a few seconds to ask them to open up their listings to services like Tank Top Movies?  They can be reached on Twitter as @NetflixUK and on Facebook at