Thursday, 22 August 2013

Tank Top Movies - now open to everyone!

We're proud to announce that our movies site, Tank Top Movies, is leaving private beta and opening up to the world.

Image by oh_loop via Flickr
If you've been part of our private beta: thank you SO MUCH for your support and feedback so far. We’re very lucky to have such committed users and we really appreciate the time you've taken to let us know your thoughts.

Based on your feedback, we've made loads of improvements. In the last few weeks we've added more detailed pricing information, sharper images, and filtering by year and by price. We've tightened up our movie matching, but as errors do sometimes slip through, we've made it easier for you to report problems on the film pages. We've been experimenting with emails letting you know about the newest movies to arrive on your services. Every one of these improvements has been shaped by input from users like you.

In a recent survey, you rated Tank Top Movies over 7/10 on average, and a massive 84% of you would recommend the site to friends and family. There's clearly room for improvement, and there's a long list of your suggestions that we haven't implemented yet, but we believe you're telling us that Tank Top Movies is good enough to remove the invitation code from the front page.

There's a lot more work to do, and we still consider the site to be in open beta, but we intend Tank Top Movies to be the best film discovery service on the planet. Please keep the feedback rolling in, and we’ll continue to make it better and better!

And if you're one of the 84%: now it's time to tell everyone about Tank Top Movies!

Go on, recommend us now via Twitter or Facebook! And if you're in London this evening, we'd love to say thanks in person.