Friday, 9 August 2013

So you want to be in the movies...

A-HA! Alan Partridge is back. The long awaited silver screen debut of Steve Coogan’s much loved Norwich presenter is finally here. Fans of Partridge have patiently waited, and thankfully, it looks like it was well worth it. If the fantastic trailer and early reviews are anything to go by, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa should be a huge success. Back of the net! 

Partridge joins the list of characters and television programs that have attempted to make the jump from the small to big screen. It’s a risky leap to take. Some franchises have hit their highest heights on the big screen, while equally as many have fallen flat on their face. Here at Tank Top Movies we thought we would take a look at 10 of the best examples of successful TV to film transitions. We’ve chosen to look at films that have taken the original cast onto the silver screen as opposed to the revival of a TV series in movie form, ala Lost in Space, The Lone Ranger, Thunderbirds etc. All these films are available to watch on numerous UK streaming service right now - check out Tank Top Movies to find the best place for you.
10- Mr Bean

Mr Bean’s appearance at last summer’s London Olympic Games opening ceremony tells you everything you need to know about popularity of Rowan Atkinson’s eccentric Bean character. Mr Bean is vastly popular around the world, demonstrated in the nature of both his big screen adventures. Bean (1997) sees the titular character invade America and Mr.Bean’s Holiday (2007) see the bizarre Brit on a trip round Europe. For fans of Bean’s crazy antics, both films provide the same pratfalls and physical comedy you’ve grown to love.
9- The Inbetweeners
The Inbetweeners (2012) movie further demonstrates a recurring inclination for the big screen entries of TV franchises to take their characters aboard on new adventures. The formula can seem forced at times, but for The Inbetweeners the transitions makes sense and feels natural. The quartet’s trip to the Island of Crete is a dirty pint of gross out comedy and cringe worthy mishaps. As one of the most successful British comedies financially of all time, it’s no surprise a sequel is on the way. In the mean time, here: let the boys teach you club etiquette! warning: explicit language
8- X files
Mulder and Scully have had two big screen adventures 10 years apart: Fight the future (1998) and I want to believe (2008). The former is considered by most fans the better of the two films. Conspiracy and mystery take the forefront here, with the usual helping of sexual undertones and chemistry between Mulder and Scully.  
7- South Park
South Park: Bigger longer and Uncut (1999) does exactly what it says on the tin. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, only 2 years after the show’s TV premiere, bought their critically acclaimed adult cartoon to the big screen. South Park: Bigger longer uncut cuts together plenty of belly laughs and cast the same fantastically satirical eye over America. It’s also a musical, with surprisingly catchy and memorable tunes.
6- Wayne’s World
Remember when Mike Myers was on top of the comedy world… good times. Wayne’s World took a successful sketch of the same name from the popular NBC show Saturday Night Live to the big screen. Wayne’s world shatters the 4th wall and brings a very off beat but hugely entertaining goofy comedy to the big screen. Wayne’s World 2 tried to recapture the magic and was a solid effort but had a bit of the difficult second album syndrome. Just remember: PARTY ON! EXCELLENT!
5- The Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers set the precedent for the adaptation of popular Saturday night live characters into Hollywood movies. Starring Dan Akyrod and John Beluschi, the film is perhaps SNL best as well as first effort. The Blues Brothers are on a mission from God, to save their local parish. Blues Brothers is a classical cult film with a witty script and brilliant soundtrack, featuring a stellar list of cameo performances.
4-  The Simpsons
It’s pretty common opinion that the Simpsons has seen it better days. However the 2007 film for a brief moment brought back the spark and charm that helped establish the Simpsons as one of the most successful animations of all time. I mean, who could forget spider pig?  A joke-a-minute comedy with the genuine heartfelt moments that the series achieved in its heyday.
3- Serenity
Serenity is a very peculiar example of the tv-to-film transitions. Fans of the series will know all too well that the show was cancelled prematurely after just 14 episodes. The big screen venture Serenity concluded the series story. With the talent of Joss Whedon, now of Avengers fame, behind the project, Serenity delivers a fine sci-fi action adventure. The strong characters and dialogue are the keys to the film’s abundance of charm and movie magic.
2- Star Trek
Beam me up Scotty! Did you know Captain Kirk never once has uttered that line of dialogue…? Anyway, Star Trek is the TV franchise with perhaps the most film adaptations with both the original Captain Kirk crew and The Next Generation crew of Captain Picard earning multiple big screen entries. Star Trek Generations, in fact, stars members of both crews! For the best of the Star Trek movies stick with The Wrath of Khan and First Contact.

p.s. Here's my favourite personal Kirk moment of all time- couldn't have said it better myself.
1- Monty Python
The film entries of Monty Python’s Flying Circus brings the witty dialogue and hilarious sketch comedy of the 6 British comedians to the world. From personal experience, the Python films are certainly some of the most quotable comedies of all time. Unless you've had your funny bone surgically removed, the Python films cannot fail to amuse. Now go away and watch it or I shall taunt you a second time!

By Matthew Taylor