Friday, 2 August 2013

Nicolas Cage: The one true God?

The internet has a weird relationship with Nicolas Cage...

It's straight up odd. 

Clearly people love him. They love his face. They love his insane performances. They love his most peculiar, often suddenly SHOUTY, WAY OF speaking. And what better way to show their love of Nic then endlessly photoshopping his face into different scenarios… The guy has an undeniable screen presence and draw, a crazy off the wall kind of draw, but a draw none the less.

The epicentre of the world wide web's strange obsession with the enigmatic actor is's r/onetruegod. Head there at your own peril. 

However the appeal is not limited to just those crazy kids over at Reddit and in fact, Nicolas Cage is the actor with the highest amount of films available on UK demand services. On Tank Top Movies there are currently over 40 titles with Cage starring in a lead role. The demand for Nicolas Cage films is evidently high.

With so much to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start on your Nicolas Cage adventure. Allow us to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction and get your Nicolas Cage online viewing, sorted.

Nicolas Cage has starred in his fair share of action movies, and that seems just a good a place to start as any. Con Air is a personal favourite in this genre. Cage lays on the Alabama accent thick as ex-service man Cameron Poe, in perhaps one of his most likable roles ever. It is the supporting cast, not Cage, who really bring the Crazy to this Action film. Steve Buscemi, John Malkovich and Ving Rhames all play terrifying max security prisoners.

The Rock is another stellar action flick starring Cage, this time alongside Sean Connery and directed by Michael Bay-expect plenty of explosions. The remake of Gone in Sixty Seconds deserves an honourable mention too in the action genre.

However, Face Off, directed by John Woo is the film to watch if you want to see some classic Cage rage. Completely over the top action, in a film with a premise best to just accept and not overthink, Cage delivers some of his greatest downright crazy acting.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for more of Cage at his most insane and goofy best, here are the films you need to watch:

Vampire’s Kiss has Nicolas Cage at his crazy finest, as a big city businessman who inexplicably believes he has been bit by a Vampire. The highlight has to be Cage’s aggressive and exasperated recital of the alphabet.

The Wicker Man, perhaps unintentionally, is another example of Cage’s outrageous performances. Quite frankly a terrible film, but one you can’t take your eyes off, just sit back and watch this train wreck of a thriller.

If your appetite for insane Cage performances isn’t sated by Vampire’s Kiss or The Wicker Man, give Deadfall a try. Cage plays an eccentric con man, and delivers hands down one of his most extreme performances.

Cage has plenty of times also played the straight man and portrayed serious roles, to varying degrees of success. World Trade Centre, Lord of War and The Weather Man are all fine examples.

The pinnacle of Nicolas Cage movies in this writer’s view however has to be when Cage hits on a role in a serious piece, that calls for that little bit of crazy he can provide. Bad lieutenant and Matchstick Men demonstrates Cage’s serious acting ability to the best.

Just head over to Tank Top Movies to find the best and the rest of Nicolas Cage now.

Oh, and here he is as a cat…


Posted by Matthew Taylor