Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Netflix vs Lovefilm and Netflix vs Blinkbox - Tank Top TV Datablog

We have been very geeky these last couple of weeks as we have been comparing the catalogues of the major on-demand players to see if we could garner any interesting insights.

Now we are sharing the fruits of our labour with you here, dear reader!

Netflix vs Loveflim
When people talk about Subscription VOD services, they are generally talking about Netflix and Lovefilm. This makes this arguably the most interesting comparison as the biggest brands in SVOD in the UK.

From the catalogues, we found 1831 items on Netflix that we could recognise as films, 1572 of them were unique to Netflix. On LoveFilm we found 2288 films of which 2028 were unique to LoveFilm.

This means that there is very little overlap between them. One thing that really surprised us is that Netflix and LoveFilm only share 259 movies, meaning that you might need a subscription to both services to get the full range of content.

This graph shows the number of movies by year on each service. As you can see, Netflix and Lovefilm both have very few recent movies (last 24 months) with the bulk of their catalogues being older.

Netflix vs Lovefilm Movie Catalogues - number of movies per year

For more information on this visit our findings page.

Netflix vs Blinkbox
We then ran a second comparison between the leaders of two different VOD categories.

As described above, Netflix uses a subscription model where users pay a recurring monthly fee of £5.99 for unlimited streaming. Blinkbox is the leader in the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) category, where users pay per piece of content watched, typically £3.49 to rent or £10.99 to buy recent movies.

We found 3950 items on BlinkBox that we could recognise as films, 3370 of them were unique to BlinkBox. On Netflix we found 1832 films of which 1258 were unique to Netflix.

Again, there is a fragmentation of content as BlinkBox and Netflix only share 580 movies. These shared movies would cost £2053.70 on BlinkBox, or £3.54 per movie. Or you can get them all for the price of a Netflix subscription.  However, the graph below demonstrates the key differentiator of PAYG services like Blinkbox over their subscription counterparts. Blinkbox is shown to have a far higher number of recent movies than Netflix, which might justify Blinkbox users paying per video for more premium content. 

Netflix vs Blinkbox Movie Catalogues - number of movies per year 

For more information on this head to head visit our findings page.