Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Converting Xbox Points to Pounds!

We've recently added the Xbox Video catalogue to Tank Top Movies but all prices for Xbox videos are listed in Microsoft Points rather than pounds and pence.  We wanted to inform our users as to the actual price of these movies so we decided to convert Microsoft Points into regular prices in pounds and pence.

As each Microsoft point costs £0.0085, that means that buying Argo in Standard Definition on Xbox Video will cost you 1420 points or £12.07.

The Verge reckons that Microsoft is moving to cash prices through a giftcard system anyway so adding in this conversion may all be for naught!

Update:  We've recently discovered that this might not be quite right after all!

Using different browsers seems to give different pricing options on the Xbox video website.  Also, Xbox offers a rental model and well as download-to-own (hat tip to Ed in the comments section!) so this might have a bearing on the price too. If you know how to convert Xbox video prices please get in touch!