Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What are the best movies on Lovefilm?

Lovefilm Instant is a service that is at the forefront of content on-demand, but it still isn't easy to know which are the best movies on Lovefilm.  Competing heavily with Netflix, Lovefilm seems to be holding its own in the Netflix vs Lovefilm movie wars!

Our mission here at Tank Top Movies is to make finding the best films super-easy, whichever provider you use to watch movies online.  So, go to Tank Top Movies, select Lovefilm and then you'll see the best movies right away in a gorgeous interface that encourages discovery.

Or, you can read on and I'll tell you the best Lovefilm movies.  I'm not writing my personal opinion on the best movies here, but rather I'm using the Tank Top Movies algorithm to show you the best that Lovefilm has to offer.

Our algorithm mixes expert critic and user ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, also using recency so that newer movies that are highly rated will be displayed higher up the Tank Top mosaic.  We have big plans to tailor the service to you, including personal recommendations, so every time you visit us you'll find a film that you want to watch at the top of the page.

Time for me to shut up and show you the best Lovefilm movies:

Watch Looper Online
Watch The Angels' Share
Watch The Adjustment Bureau Online
Watch Rust and Bone Online
Watch Killer Joe Online
Watch Young Mr Lincoln Online
Watch The Ides of March Online
Watch Hunky Dory Online