Saturday, 29 December 2012

Finding a film to watch with a friend

Maybe it's girl's night in, maybe it's a date - you want to find a film that you all want to watch, and you don't want to take ages about it.

We now have a handy "combine watchlists" feature so you can click on a friend and see what films you BOTH have on your watchlists - and that are currently available on your on-demand services.

find your friends [WIP] by the |G|TM, on Flickr

But how do you find your friends?

We've got that covered too!  There's a new Find Friends option to show you your Facebook and Twitter* friends who have signed up to Tank Top Movies, and you can also search for your friends by email address.

More like this?

For now you can combine your watch list with one other person - but let us know if you'd like to be able to do it with groups of friends too.

We're also considering the "Home Alone" scenario - you're at home, your partner is out, and it would be nice to use the opportunity to see something that your partner isn't interested in. So the idea is, we show you the films on your watchlist that aren't also on theirs. Is that something you'd use?

No friends on Tank Top Movies yet?  

If you're already using the site, don't forget you've got some invitations to let people in to the private beta.

* Why not Google+?  You can sign in with G+ so why not find friends that way too?  Turns out that G+ doesn't have an API for finding friends.  We're guessing it's something to do with the complexity of circles.