Wednesday, 31 October 2012

TV Hackfest

We're proud winners of "Best Design" at TV Hackfest (part of London Transmedia 2012).

In just 24 hours we put together a prototype where, as you view the information about a movie on your iPad or laptop, your TV plays the appropriate trailer.

We think this is really what "second screens" should be about. In most people's houses, the best screen for watching film and TV is the big telly in the living room, but it presents horrible interfaces for exploring content. In fact that's why we built Tank Top Movies - we were fed up of trying to find a decent movie to watch through the horrible set-top box interface. A screen in your hands, that you can touch, is a much better place to explore and browse.

And when we sync the two together - as we did in this hackathon demo - it's a really great experience.