Monday, 22 March 2010

Creating accounts with social networks

It's even easier for new users to create and sign in to their accounts on Tank Top TV now.  We've incorporated a social network connection feature (we're using one from Gigya) which you'll see on our Log in page.  

We plan to add the ability to connect an existing account too, but please bear with us while we get that up and running.  

Beta users can currently automatically Tweet the programmes they favourite and watch.  For now, unfortunately, you need to sign in to Twitter separately for that.  It's clunky, but it's just temporary, and hopefully you beta users are a tolerant lot....

Down the line we'll be using these social features to make it much easier to share the online TV programmes you enjoy.  

Update as regular users might have seen, we've had a bunch of issues the last few days, and as part of trying to track that down we've backed out the social network connection change for now