Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Making the most of Tank Top TV

The idea of Tank Top TV is to give you a manageably short list of programmes that you might want to watch online. When you first create an account, you'll find a long list of everything we currently know about that's available. To get the most out of the service, you'll want to block the things you never want to watch so that it's easier to find what you do like. Here are our hints and tips...
  • If you never watch programmes from a particular channel, block the whole channel. For example, Personally I don't get great performance from iPlayer HD, so I've blocked the BBC HD channel from my list.

  • You can block whole categories of programmes to remove things you never watch. Programmes are often assigned to multiple categories - we get this information straight from the broadcaster. A programme won't be listed on Tank Top if you've blocked any of its categories. So if you love cricket but you hate snooker, you'll want to block the Snooker category but not Sport.

  • Clicking on a category name in the category list shows you all its programmes, so that's an easy way to see what you're going to drop if you block that category.

  • Once you've filtered on channels and categories, block everything else from your programme list that you don't want cluttering up your screen next time you log in. If you don't think you'll watch it, you might was well block it. You can always check what you've blocked and unblock it if you change your mind!
Spend a few minutes filtering your list to start with, and you'll appreciate it when you next sign in and have sensible list of programmes to consider for your viewing pleasure!

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